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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Quick Check In 
9th-Nov-2001 02:51 pm
To say I have been busy is an understatement. Work and Home has been non-stop.

Wanted to shout out a little on my 38th birthday (I surely do not feel that old, I feel more like two 19 year olds)- I'm doing okay and I'm in pretty good spirits these days.

Family is good. My wife is still working too much. My daughter is still loving 1st grade and has her Christmas Musical at church next Wednesday(long story as to why it is so early). My son turned one year old last week and is such a hugger. He almost has that walking thing down, the eating of solid foods and drinking from a cup needs some work.

I have not been even reading my friends list the last couple of months - I checked out the last 60 entries and I did not see anything way out of whack.

I can't promise I will keep posting but I am going to try. It has definitely been something I have been missing in my life.

I think about my LJ friends often and I pray for good things in their lives.

eeks! I just reread my post and I noticed the 19 year old comment. I had my first sexual encounter when I was 19 - I have been having sex for half my life - yowza!

Sorry, probably more information that you wanted to know.

God Bless all and hope to catch up with everyone soon.
12th-Nov-2001 01:29 pm (UTC) - Happy Happy Belated Birthday!!
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