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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
I am alive, really... 
21st-Aug-2001 04:46 pm
So much for writing more. I'll redouble my efforts to post.

Anyhoo... life is busy. No duh!!

Need to keep this short...

Wife is working herself to death. We've talked about it and she recognizes it. She has even had discussions with her bosses and they have said (not sure if they really mean it-I think so) that she should not kill herself over this job. She still pours hours and hours into the many projects she has going.

She has been pretty good about being attentive to the kids. Abigail started 1st grade last week and Jackson is starting to crawl all over the place. However, having had sex only once in the last month is driving me a bit crazy. And the last time I had to drag her to back to bed before she showered and went into the office on Sunday morning before the sun rose. (We attend church services on Saturday night so our Sundays are free, free, free!)

I am not one to complain in my journal but I needed to release. I wonder if there is a correlation to the amount of posting in one's journal to the amount of sex one gets???

Talk to you tomorrow...
21st-Aug-2001 03:29 pm (UTC)
hey! it sounds like our kids are about the same age ... bryann is 6 and started the 1st grade this year and ayla is 10 months .... hummmmmmm ... deja vue .... did we talk about this before? i don't member
21st-Aug-2001 04:53 pm (UTC)
I post lots and wish I got lots of sex. *smirk*
25th-Aug-2001 06:26 am (UTC) - hmmm....
An interesting idea there....is that why I recently went 20 consecutive days without posting in my journal? And another thing, why are you not one to complain in your journal? If you can't complain in your journal, where on earth can you complain??
13th-Sep-2001 11:09 pm (UTC)

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