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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Quick Notes 
26th-Apr-2001 01:01 pm
Soccer last Saturday... we got busted in the lip big time. We were actually shut out - but we don't keep score... A couple of close shots - need to work on accuracy tonight in practice.

I will miss the game this Saturday 'cause I am heading to Cincinnati for a week of training. I was supposed to leave on a later flight but due to a pilot's strike we had to switch to another airline and that meant an earlier flight. So early that I will miss the game...ARRGH!

I hate leaving my wife for a week. She will have to handle Jackson (6 months already - time has flown ) and Abigail (almost 6 years old). I do not know how my mom did it. After the divorce, she brought up 5 kids, went to Community College for a couple of years and worked a full time job.

Now, I remember my grandmother helping out and we lived in rural Iowa, but I am amazed we made it and my mom, too, with her sanity.

I guess when I send flowers to my wife for not being there I better send some to my mom (excuse me as I choke up a bit).

My wife does head to New York City in a few weeks to pay me back.

Work is picking up and the training next week should really heat up our project. We are installing a document imaging system throughout the hospital - in phases. I see myself rather busy on this project for a couple of years, at least.

I hope I can have LJ, er.. internet access next week at training, I would hate to miss out on all my friends' lives.

There are 10 of us going to Cincinnati for training. We will either be sick of each other and the project will be doomed or we will have the time of our lives. We have some strong personalities in our group, but most of them have great senses of humor. I will play the role of head peacemaker - it's what I do. I also am the big challenger of paradigms. I hate it when people say, 'but, this is the way we always do it.' Not going to fly next week. This application will put a patient's medical record on-line. A big step in reducing paper in the hospital and reducing cost.
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