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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Checking In 
20th-Apr-2001 04:14 pm
Looking forward to a busy weekend - I'm actually baby siting tonight for my bible study class. 3 adults vs. 14+ munchkins - we're dead...

Tomorrow, Soccer Photo day and then the 3rd game of the season. Last week's game went well, the other team had a studette named Jasmine and my daughter was a bit challenged. Actually, they both were surprised at how hard they needed to play against each other. However, poor Jasmine had to face either my daughter or Thomas, he's my big man on the team and plays very well. Still, Jasmine broke out a couple of times... we worked on defense at this week's practice.

Saturday night we are going to party to say goodbye to some friends from Shell (where my wife, Gretchen, works). They are heading to the Netherlands for an over seas assignment for Shell. They will return to the states after a 3 or 4 years, so it is really a 'we'll miss you tons' party. They really are are neat people and we will miss them. But,.... my wife tells me that she has been asked if she would consider an overseas assignment - either London or The Hague. HELL YES!!

Probably won't happen until next year at the earliest, but it would be very coolies with me. It would be a great experience for my 6 year old daughter (my 6 month old son - not so much). I imagine I can find a job - MBA with 15+ years experience with computers of all types. No concern here.

Nothing planned on Sunday, if we are really looking for something to do we will head to the Museum of Fine Arts to catch 'The Magic of Myth: Star Wars' exhibit or perhaps head to the International Festival (Ireland is the theme country this year) or head to the ball park and catch the Astros vs the Cardinals or ... I love the choices of living in a huge city.
21st-Apr-2001 02:47 pm (UTC) - geeezzz
u r just busy busy busyyyyyyyy :P
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