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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Soccer Dad To The Rescue 
6th-Apr-2001 01:46 pm
It was all a blur.... I awoke and I had a silly red, white and black baseball cap on my head. I had seen it happen to others many times before... 'Yes,' I told myself, 'you really are the coach of Abigail's soccer team.'

So, last night we had our second practice and the big issue was deciding on our team name. Everyone had a chance to put forth a name, then after a couple rounds of voting we came down to the 4 boys wanting the Rockets and the 4 girls wanting the Penguins(I don't understand how they ended up with the Penguins either and I was there, and in charge, well, kinda).

My solution is no more co-ed soccer teams. I have no problem with the girls playing the boys in league play. The girls at this age are much more focused on the game and would kick the stuffing out of the boys. The boys are running around like a bunch of nitwits. I am so glad I did not have soccer as a kid growing up because I would have been one of those nitwits. I know, I know, many of you are thinking as long as you're a male you will always act like that... (Disclaimer: not all the boys are nitwits and not all the girls are a female Pele`, this is just a generalization - but you should see the teams I have been involved with, oh my...)

Back to the resolution of the name crisis ... After some deliberating, little Taylor - a very sweet little girl, caved and changed her vote. We are the Rockets - the parents are also very happy that we are not the Penguins. I think Taylor has her eye on Chase and changed her vote to make him like her. I will keep you posted as the season progresses on this potentially budding romance.

I will post pictures of my little soccer team as the season progresses.

This league is pretty cool. No score is kept and we do not track goals by player. Granted no Pele` (uh oh, 2 Pele` references in one LJ post, er, I guess that makes 3) will ever be discovered in this league but the goal is to have FUN! That's why I wanted to be known as the Coconuts (it didn't make it past the first round of voting). FFPS - Fun, Fair, Positive Soccer - putting the fun back into kid sports. That reminds me I need to buy some duct tape for any parent that gets out of hand, like my wife... just kidding honey...

The best name I saw last year was the Speeding Turtles - cute, very cute.

Have a great weekend all! We have the soccer league parade tomorrow morning, then off to Abigail's school's Spring Carnival, and then our 1st soccer game mid afternoon. It is also my sweety's birthday number 35 (Happy Birthday Gretch!) and if we're not too exhausted we will go out for dinner instead of ordering and eating in.
6th-Apr-2001 12:19 pm (UTC) - Travelers
Yep..that was the name of my SOFTBALL team in junior high..it was horrible. Who would name there softball team that???

Anyways..we didn't win one game the whole season..

I think it was the name.

Good Luck on being a Coach!!!
6th-Apr-2001 12:24 pm (UTC) - Re: Travelers
Thanks. Travelers only makes sense if you worked for the insurance company... but other than that it's a basketball team name only.
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