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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Day 2 - Weekend! WOO! WOO! 
2nd-Jun-2000 06:23 pm
Friday night after work and I'm doing the laundry... Actually spending some time with the family, well, my daughter is watching a Madeline movie and my wife is about to begin making supper.

Left work a little early today to help my wife pick up her car after about a month. Her car was hit from behind by a pickup truck and smashed the backend pretty good. It looks okay now. I think they spent more to fix it than the car was worth but they said they take that into account prior to working on it.

Hit a double last night at our softball game. I had to run hard to make it but it felt good. My swing is better this year than in the past - I have more confidence. State of mind.

I read Ana's journal today and noticed that she is checking out journals throughout the country. I think right now she's looking only at those with pictures - I need to get a pic up.

Things are going well lately. headed to Minnesota next week to spend some time with college friends and their families. Some of our riends live in the Twin Cities area and another couple is driving up from West Des Moines, Iowa.

We'll fly up on Thursday and on Friday head to the Branierd(sp) Lakes area. Lost lake Lodge is our destination - I guess they have a great restaurant. We get 2 meals a day with our cabin. And they have activities for the kids so the adults can enjoy themselves without planning everything and every second for the kids. We have 1 (another due this November), another couple has 2 (another due late October) [Valentine babies I think], and another couple has 2 kids. It will be an exciting time for sure.

Wife wants me to come help and grate the cheese for the Fetticine(sp) she's making for sup tonight - so gotta go for now. Maybe I'll come back and lay out the weekend plans. Ciao!
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