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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
A fish story 
15th-Mar-2001 01:05 pm
Just got back from lunch....SUSHI. To be honest with you, I have just "discovered" sushi as a real meal alternative. It's been less than 6 months since I began eating sushi reqularly. (I have tried some sushi before at parties in grad school and such but usually a quick appetizer and I always left unimpressed.)

A few months ago my company hired a young lad named James - he's 10-12 years my junior. We are working on a project together and so started going out to lunch once in a while. He has a thing for sushi. So, he says there is this little place down the street that makes some of the best he's had in Houston. I respond cool let's go. And while I'm not as hooked on it as James, I must admit I like it.

(Note to Dawn Marie: I know you hate 'what I ate for dinner' posts so feel free to skip this next paragraph.)

I had a spicy tuna roll and a spicy salmon roll - my favorites. I also had 1 piece of salmon sushi - just the fish on a small pod of rice. Both the tuna and salmon were incredibly fresh today.

Houston has some great seafood restaurants - my wife and I joke however that you always get fish on fish when you order. For instance, if you order Blackened Red Snapper it is topped with a sauce with pieces of crawfish or shrimp in it.
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