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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
afternoon blahs 
1st-Mar-2001 02:42 pm
lacking motivation... need to concentrate... must make progress on project... I hate working without a deadline... especially when it is all planning documentation... give me the application, stand back, watch me create... must be because I know I am not working tomorrow... I know I will do my weekly status report... That will kill a half hour or so.... new format requested, the bane of my life - new freakin' status report format... waste of time and space... ignorant boss then prints out to read and file... must be too tough to create a directory on the server... we only work in the IT department... she finished high school the year I was born... old school IT, just nod and smile because someday that will be you... must remember to kill myself first... will never talk about how good it was to work on mainframes... COBOL sucks, always has, always will... mainframes have a place, but mostly in a computer museum... reminds me that Star Wars: The Art of Myth is opening in Fine Arts musuem next week!!!! Happy Days indeed!! I know Abigail will get a big kick out of it - she's daddy's girl when it comes to Star Wars... I will not be going to the opening party will most everyone dresses as their fav character but I am sure I will see the pictures in the paper and on the tv news... I am doing a good job of killing time writing this stream of consciousness thing... must admit that I misspelled consciousness initially and went to check it in MS Word before I continued typing - forgot the first 's'... okay, onto the status, er..new and improved status report... thinking about grabbing Everquest after reading about it on LJ... do not really need to adopt another addictive habit on the computer, but I have been able to stop playing all the others, well, mostly...
2nd-Mar-2001 02:03 am (UTC) - COBOL!
Hey, COBOL pays my bills. ;o )

Luckily the take on COBOL where I work is that we're too dependent upon it...and it would take way too much effort to convert everything. I'm secure...for now. And what fun COBOL is. ;o )
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