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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
V Day Wrap Up 
15th-Feb-2001 11:35 am
While I thought we would never leave the house, my wife and I did get a chance to go out to dinner last night.

Abigail and Jackson stayed with neighbors who took them as part of a babysitting co-op we belong to. Jackson could care less since he is only 15 weeks - his needs are simple - a feeding every 3 hours (bottle or breast), diaper changes when necessary, and either something to distract him (like a ceiling fan) or to be held (my personal favorite) before crashing into a deep sleep.

Abigail, the big Kindergardener, has other needs on Valentines Day which were met in full yesterday. She had a party at school and her after-school care. Tons of Valentines and candy.

Abigail loves to go to other people's homes. She is a very sociable young lady and concerns herself with things like what to call the baby sitter - last night it was Miss Carole. She was wiped from her school parties and fell asleep early from the report we got.

On the way to the restaurant my wife asks me if I remember what we did last year for Valentine's Day. I replied, "no." She pointed across the highway to Fuddruckers and then I remembered. We went with Abigail and had a good time - we didn't know it yet but Gretchen was about a week or 2 pregnant.

So, Gretchen and I went to Andre's last night.

Normally this restaurant serves "prixe frise" (this would be my bad french spelling of fixed price). For about $10 you get a meal off of a menu prepared for that day. It includes drink and dessert, which is a freshly made pastry or torte - YUM YUM. We go to Andre's with friends from where my wife works. While the regulars go pretty much every Saturday for lunch, Gretchen and I (along with Abigail and Jackson) go about once a month.

Apparently, the owner/chef prepares something special every Valentines day and we went with the usual crowd. We were part of a party of 20! Not quite a quiet romantic dinner for two, but it was the next best thing - an enjoyable dinner with friends!

We had appetizers of a bacon wrapped plum, a sauteed portebello mushroom, and a peppery crab cake. Next was a fish course - mahi mahi with endives sauteed in a peppery basil broth. The salad followed - nothing special, assorted greens and the house dressing with croutons. The main course included a filet topped with a thin, spicy barbeque-like sauce (simply excellent) with mashed sweet potatoes garnished with a parsley, avocado and diced turnip relish. Dessert was split between couples - 1 lemon mousse on a pistachio nut shortbread cookie and 1 rasberry mousse on a white chocolate chip shortbread cookie - both slightly tart but ever so delicious. My wife commented on their resemblance to 2 colorful breasts - she was right but it didn't really add to the pleasure of eating them. We finished with a nice Decaf Cappuccino.

We got home, after picking up the kiddos, about 10:30pm. With it being a weekday night, a long day of work, another one facing us tomorrow, a great, but filling dinner, and a bit of wine - we brushed our teeth and collapsed in deep, blissfully slumber. Sorry, no sex talk today - not that I would share anyhow... I mean come on after 12 years of marriage what do I know about sex - okay, that was a bit trite. Let's just say I love my wife on many more levels than we first met and I look forward to many Valentine's Day dates.

Well, after all that writing about food, I'm ready for lunch.
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