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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Just back from lunch... 
12th-Feb-2001 01:04 pm
Standard Monday fare so far...

Sorry about not posting, I haven't been busy just haven't felt like posting. I have been keeping up with all the postings from my friend's list. I spent a couple of hours last Friday following friend's list of friend's list... - LJ is a fascinating community - but we knew that.

Had a good weekend, although I still need to file my tax return - I finished it last weekend...well, for the most part anyhow... The problem lies with TurboTax's need to use AOL to update and then send the filing. I recently unistalled AOL 6.0 since it messed with my DSL connection and my wife's remote access to her work. I have yet to install AOL 5.0 and I guess I need to that tonight.

Last Thursday I got a little surprise in the mail. Along with my bi-weekly payment statement from the hospital I received another one for just over $1000. Since my wife works in HR for her company and she tells me all sorts of stories on payroll errors and how people spend the money and then have to make arrangements to pay it back, I decided to find out why before I "banked" the cash - we have direct deposit so it was already in the bank, but you know what I mean...

So on Friday I went up to payroll and asked if they could tell me why I received the extra payment. They let me know that it was a retention bonus. And that they would split it with me if I wanted to share the wealth...

So okay then, I thought, the money is legit and was not a mistake. But then wouldn't it make some sense to have my manager or director let me know it was coming and that there was even such a thing as a retention bonus program?

I would want to broadcast that the departnment handed out bonuses so that others would know that there is some payoff for sticking around and not jumping ship because the not for profit hospital who can't match salaries with for profit organizations still has perks in common with these orgs...

I, of course, cannot go around talking to my co-workers about it either since some of them might not have got an extra check.

And who knows how I qualified for it...? I have been here for about 2 and a half years and that qualifies me for a rentention bonus...?

Well, I am in the information systems field and I have been headhunted and asked by other companies to come work for them, sometimes for more money.

I guess I need to bring it up to my manager sometime, but even then it's kind of an awkward topic to bring up. "Hey, I got this extra check last week...."
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