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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
It's official... 
2nd-Feb-2001 03:56 pm
...the whole family is sick.

My wife just called to tell me Abigail, our 5 year old, has a temp of 103 and a sore throat. Straight to the doctor for this one.

Jackson, our 3 month old, was diagnosed with ear infections last Saturday and throughout the week I was feeling more and more ill. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and I have a mild form of Asthma and maybe a slight case of the flu - I had the flu shot back in Novemeber. My wife is trying to shake off cold/flu symptoms as well.

I had a chest xray yesterday to make sure it wasn't anything serious. I have not had an xray in over 30 years. Never been admitted to the hospital (still have tonsils and appendix). Never broke a bone (well, I might have broke my big toe back in 7th grade, but you can't do much for a broken toe...).

Anyhow, the doc gave me a script for inhalers and a bunch of other drugs. I don't remember ever taking so much medication at once.

The other thing I learned was my weight - UGH! I will not share it because I am so embarassed - I used to be a young, athletic stud. Now I'm quickly turning into...gasp...my dad, except for the Old Style can of beer permanently attached to my hand.

I started the healthier diet today. Breaksfast was Cherrios, one slice of toast (lightly buttered with some Rasberry jam), and juice - and all the meds. Lunch was only a Blackberry smoothie with soy protein and a bunch of other health food store stuff. The afternoon snack was 2 bananas and a diet dr pepper. A good start...

I will keep it up - Lunch is my downfall time since I always go out to lunch - salads, baked potatoes(easy on the toppings), sushi, and smoothies from here on out. Actually, I will have to watch supper, too - moderation is my mantra.

I will also start jogging again after this flu/cold thingy goes away (maybe before it goes away...).

Early December, I was back to jogging 3 miles a day then I caught a cold and then the holidays hit. I can do it - I will do it.

Have a good weekend - I will try to visit this weekend but no promises.
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