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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
What are you doing? 
31st-Jan-2001 01:50 pm
Have a bit of a head cold...

Taking otc meds and blowing my nose... Thank God for Puffs Plus! The aloe lotion saves me from ripping my nose off my face.

I should be at home resting but since I sit at my desk for the majority of my time at work I might as well be at work. I don't use anyone else's keyboard and do not shake hands.

Well, little Jackson is getting over his first ear infections (or as Abigail likes to say 'ear confections' - yummy, ear candy). I presume my cold was picked up from him but you never know...

The super bowl was weak but the party I went to was in this huge house - it has its own fire suppression system because it is over 3000 square feet (a township ordinance). The commercials were not all that great either but I ended up as the advertisement decipher-er after I explained the MonsterJobs.com one where the systems analyst got his new box of business cards and smelled the heck out of them.

I am excited about Survivor II!! I was worried that I would be let down but I think the premise that sucked me in the first time still works for me...

One thing that sucks is that since the first one my company has instituted a fire wall which screens out some web sites with questionable language and so I cannot get the rundown on the episodes from www.survivorsucks.com. They had a few make me laugh until my sides hurt observations on a few of the episodes.

Hey, a great site for all the Urban Legends that have ever been passed around on the internet www.altoids.com - yeah, the strong mint company.

I am finally planning my website - okay, I've been talking about it for years but I now have an idea of what I want to do. I do not look forward to all the photo scanning that I want to do but if it has to be done it has to be done...

I guess I will get to work on it right after I finish my taxes, which I want to get done this week. Of course, I have to stop playing Star Wars X-Wing games and get to it.

Need to prep for a meeting in a 20 minutes - bye for now.
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