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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
TGIF Afternoon 
26th-Jan-2001 03:51 pm
Well, I'm about to head out - taking James - a guy from work - to a Pontiac dealership to pick up his Firbird (ZOOM ZOOM).

I will try to post again tonight from home - yep, the life of a married guy with 2 kids on Friday night posting on LJ.

Little Jackson is having a case of the sniffles - it is tough to see a baby all stuffed up. We can use the 'little blue bulb' to help him but if only he could blow his nose...

The cherry scented Vicks vapor rub for Children seemed to help him sleep last night.

Super Bowl party on Sunday at our friend's new home. The description I have heard of the new place is huge! I'll share more on Monday.

Okay gotta go now... Talk at you later!
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