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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
COSTCO vs Sam's 
30th-Jul-2010 11:47 am
Oh, how I miss COSTCO. They have no store in the New Orlean's area. I heard they might open one north of Lake Pontchartrain - 23 mile bridge just to get there. I guess while in England I drove 40 miles to get to a COSTCO.

We're having Abby's bf and his parents over tomorrow night and we will be grillin' some steaks. Now, I could head to a butcher for some prime beef and spend the big bucks but COSTCO always has excellent beef with decent prices. I have had great steaks from COSTCO while living in Washington State (COSTCO's home state), while living in England (Scottish Beef Rules!), and while living in Canada (Alberta Beef Rocks!).

So I'll head to Sam's Club - their steaks are okay - better than the average grocery store.

Menu - steaks, mushrooms, and baked potato potato salad
HMM.. need dessert. Maybe a fresh fruit salad....
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