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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Iowa on my mind 
30th-Jul-2010 11:16 am
Come on Iowa GOP - stop making me regret being from Iowa! Not that the Iowa GOP was ever a fav of mine - not since Robert Ray was guv back in the 70s (wikipedia says guv from '68 thru '82).

Adopting the original 13th amendment proposed to disqualify Obama from being a U.S. citizen to be part of the party platform - really?!? Get a clue already!

And Branstad is the GOP choice for governor this fall - OMG - you have no one else willing to run than Brain-dead. He left office back in the 90s - last century - over 20 years ago

IOWA GOP - party of past ideas for the future of Iowa! - a great slogan (hey IOWA GOP, feel free to use that if you want).

I weep for my home state.
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