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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
On the Road Again... returning state side! 
1st-Aug-2009 04:22 pm
The Canadian experience is at an end.

My wife is employed by Shell Oil and this has afforded us many opportunities to move about the world. I haven't been employed by choice since June 2002 when we first moved from Houston to Washington state north of Seattle.

From Washington we were off to England and for the last 20 months or so we've been living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Well, Shell has a new CEO who is shaking it up but good. At least 20% of senior staff will no longer be employed as of September 1. Some of this is due to world economy issues but it is really providing him cover to clean house - my wife is of the opinion that the new structure he has outlined makes sense and she while she feels compassion for those who no longer have a job (she knows that Shell provides a generous severance package but still...) she is looking forward to working in the new organization that is taking shape.

All senior staff had to apply for their own jobs (again) and any other positions that they were interested (Except for the upper, upper echelon of senior staff who were appointed) and on Friday they found out if 1) they still had a job and 2) what job is it.

Since we have always been open to moving if it made sense for her career she was told by her direct boss to apply for 5 positions - 2 here in Calgary (including her current job as Country HR Lead for Exploration and Production), 2 jobs in Houston, and 1 job in New Orleans.

We found out last Monday afternoon but on Friday it was made official - she will be the VP of Human Resources - Deep Water based in New Orleans.

So we have a month to move.... ahhhhhh! Not really.

Her official start date is Sept 1 but with schools, finding a place to live, and moving it probably will take a couple of months.

My daughter is at camp and does not return until Thursday - she is not going to be happy. She has really come into her own here. She had a great year at school and grade 8 can be tough. She also is feeling very comfortable with her youth group at church. It will be a tough transition for her.

My son is going into grade 3 and does not mind returning to the USA but has Houston on his wish list - he knows that its where he was born - we left Houston when he was 18 months old and he has been back only once since then.

Long post - more to follow....
1st-Aug-2009 10:36 pm (UTC)
Wow, back down to the States. New Orleans - that could be interesting!

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