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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Stepping into LJ... 
24th-Jan-2001 11:31 am
Well I added some fiends to my LJ account - these are people that I have enjoyed reading - mostly branched off of Dawn's list but it started with her so it makes some sense...

I actually posted today too - I am getting so so daring. I saw a brief preview of the Tick so it was of course some interest to me.

I think the guy they got to play the Tick fits - I just saw The Emporer's New Grove (when you have a five year old you get to see all the new Disney classics...) and I spent the time guessing the actor behind the voice - I as right on this one - I still don't remember his name (just Puddy from Seinfeld) even though I just followed the link talking about the new show.

Today is going well althought that stupid project is still being a major pain.

Gretchen is at the conference again today and again took Abigail to Starting Point. Abigail was excited since they were going to stop at McDonald's for breakfast.

Jackson did fine this morning - he slept on the way in and did not fuss much when I dropped him off.

Ugh, last night when I picked him up he was screaming as I was weaving through rush hour traffic in downtown Houston. I had to hop back at red light's trying to get him his pacifier - which he kept spitting out to scream some more. He finally calmed down when we hit the freeway and fell asleep.

The trials of driving with babies...

Gretchen didn't make it home until about 9 last night - ugh...

I do not know how single parents do it and my mom raised us five kids! - granted we were in a small Iowa town and family was near by but... I need to make a bigger commitment to aid these remarkable people who do it all - I know my church has a program, I need to make a note to see how I can help...

Abigail was a big help last night and when it was time for her bath she basically did it herself. Jackson also took the bottle well and fell asleep at about 8 so I could get Abigail in bed, read her a story and say prayers. I actually was able to watch a little of Dark Angel for the first time. Not too bad a show for its kind.

Well, I am going to grab a quick lunch next door and get back at it here.

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