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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Super Bowl - 9 
3rd-Feb-2008 05:28 pm
Next Ad Series

GMC SUV - b/w animation pushing sphere up hill - daughter says it was random.. I'll go with that

Bud Light - geeky international guys try pickup lines - stereotypes seemed a bit tired

2nd Quarter under 5 minutes NE Pats 7 NY Giants 3 still - Giants have to be please so far - bummed about interception and no points but playing a good game.

Under 3 minutes... 2 minute warning after next play.. guess not - odd illegal bat but I think it was actually a good play penalty or not.

2 Minute Warning Ad Series

Next Narnia Movie Prince Caspian - should be a good one

Planters Cashews - scary women using the scent of a cashew... cute concept

T Mobile - Charles Barkley/Dwayne Wade - Hey Chuck - best ad featuring athletes

Ad Series
Pepsistuff.com - Timberlake being sucked by straw - getting hit in the balls always a good gag

Doritos - furry attack - funny on a different level that a lot of peeps will not understand

Giants are playing some hard hitting football.

Tom Brady is getting hit harder than I have seen in a long, long time.

:59 left in 2nd Q Ad Series - didn't happen - short time out so FOX ran brief previous Giant Super Bowl highlights

:26 left in 2nd Q Ad series - didn't happen - somewhat short time out so FOX ran brief previous Patriot Super Bowl highlights

Half time plans - do laundry, get some more nacho dip, bring beers from basement fridge to main floor fridge (put empties in recycle bin), watch a little Tom Petty, blog ads!

Halftime score - N.E. Patriots 7 - N.Y. Giants 3

1st Halftime Ad Series
NASCAR Ad - nice graphics

Local Ads I think
McD - Chicken Breast sandwich - nothing special
Comcast HD - funky 70 music - How do You Like It
MoneyTree - ho hum
Southwest Airlines - old ad

SoBe Life Water sponsoring Half Time
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