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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Super Bowl - 7 
3rd-Feb-2008 04:55 pm
1st Quarter almost over - Pats are moving the ball pretty well but Giants are hitting them hard.

No score for Pats in 1st....

Ad Series 4

Bridgestone - Screaming animals/wife

Doritos - message from your heart - nice visually and kinda hip song but.... but no clue as to what the deal was until the Doritos flashed at the end - I thought ITunes ad before Dorits

Ad Series 5

Wanted movie - awesome effects - uber cool preview

G2 from Gatorade - Derek Jeter walking around NY - its just special effects line at the end was funny but should have been more then focus of ad

Go Daddy - Danica Patrick Exposure - GoDaddy wasting money

Dell - red laptop -

Ad series 6

Fed Ex - Carrier Pigeons - Giant Pigeons - good one

Cars.com - circle of death - oddly fun

Tide To Go talking stain(.com) - cute

Nacho Dip is ready...

2nd quarter early score Pats 7 - NYG 3
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