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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Time to head home soon 
23rd-Jan-2001 04:50 pm
Gretch called a little after 3pm to ask if she could stay late and hobnob with other attendees at the HR conference - of course I said sure - Jackson will be getting formula at the 6:00pm feeding - he'll be okay.

I did not lay the guilt trip on her - she needs to recirculate since she's been off on leave for almost 3 months.

I need to figure out supper for Abigail and me... Abigail will opt for McDonalds but that is not going to happen... I need to remember to drop off the video, the question is before or after I pick up Abigail.

Do I dare risk going to the store with Abigail and Jackson to find something for sup...?

We have plenty of things to eat/cook at home but with feeding Jackson and making supper for Abigail and me it could get a little much. Ah, what the heck. We'll head home and make due. Unless some great idea pops into my head before then...

Back at work... This darn query is taking forever!! I have no clue as to why either I took the steps to index the bloody tables---arrgh!

Man, I really wanted to be done with this today! Okay, deep breaths... I'll just have to face it tomorrow.

A good day - maybe a little too much time surfing the net and not enough time doing other work projects while I sit here and wait. I can make the argument that this project starts and stops and provides no rhythm and therefore would interrupt other work but.... it is a weak excuse, I'll do a better job tomorrow since this project is at an end - at least it should be...

I am beginning to sense that I need to start posting to other journals so as to make myself known.

It is a 2-way street - I think there are some real neat people here in LJ and I would like to start sharing with them - I am not sure how my wife is going to understand when I start talking to young ladies that are 15-20 years my junior. I am so not looking for a liasion or even searching for something I am not getting from my wife. I understand that LJ is a community and I want to be a part of that...

Well, gotta split... more on that last topic to follow, I'm sure.
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