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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Short and Simple 
15th-May-2007 05:33 pm
Let's get back in the groove here...

Pre 9/11 I posted quite a bit and dramatically fell off the LJ landscape - I have been keeping up with my friends list but no posting - well, very, very, very little posting.

Still in England! It's been grand!

I have traveled farther than I would ever have imagined growing up in rural Iowa. Besides various trips in Europe I joined my wife in South Africa last November - Awesome!

Still a House Husband! It's been grand! (hee hee)

Lately, I have been coaching on a volunteer basis my daughter's softball team for the school. They offered to pay but the tax situation is nuts for such a minor amount so I offered to do it for free.

We haven't won a game yet and with only 5 games left it looks bleak but the girls are still giving it a go and so I give them everything I got. At this stage it is about learning, participating, and having fun - but it sure is more fun to win once in a while...

The experience over the last 2 1/2 years has changed me. I actually have an understanding of cricket and root for a football club (soccer club)!

Going to try and post daily - short and simple. I have so much inside that needs to get out.

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