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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
A little Sushi makes me tired this afternoon 
23rd-Jan-2001 02:04 pm
James and I went out for Sushi. Got the usual spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll and eel roll. I actually ordered a spicy salmon hand roll but he waiter messed it up. That turned out okay since I am stuffed and the hand roll is larger.

James also had his hand roll turned into a regular roll - he also ordered sweet shrimp and then after we were finished he ordered octopus sushi - there were 2 pieces and he told me to take one - fantastic, but I am now busting at the seams...

Still working on the same project - the files are just too huge and the index is not very good. I really need to be done with this "little task" - it is killing all my other projects.

One good thing is that I can play Solar Empire ( yes, you can find it at solarempire.com) while I wait for the queries to run. I also can write in Live Journal as I wait...

I need to fill out and call my deacon team tonight - I am so far behind and I need to get at it.
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