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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Happy 4th! 
4th-Jul-2006 10:45 am
In Britain for my second year in a row on the 4th of July.

No day off for peeps and no fireworks tonight!

Plan to grill burgers and have corn on the cob and drink a pint or 2 (er... have a few beers).

Might have to head over to Hampton Court Palace where old King George III spent some time and do something American - start a war and make the brits back me up... naaaah,that old trick is getting lame. (Henry the VIII took Hampton Court Palace from the bishop Wolsey who could not get the pope to okay Henry's divorce and since then each king or queen added to or redecorated the palace - thus ends the history lesson for today.)

Have had 2 groups of visitors here over the past 3 weeks and I need a break. My dad and step-mother were here first and then my sister-in-law and her family - thank goodness not overlapping-one day in between. My 11 year old daughter went back to the states with her Aunt and Uncle to visit other family members and will return with my mom in 3 weeks. I have been enjoying the quiet the last 24 hours but I still have a big dull ache not having her here with her brother and me. When my wife travels to India in a couple of weeks it will really be odd.

Jackson and I will be off doing a bunch of things over the next few weeks - right now it is too hot to do too much - a high of 85 degrees F isn't really that bad but this country does not do air conditioning. A little rain over the next few days will cool us off but today could be yucky. We went to a movie yesterday afternoon but the theatre wasn't air-conditioned, at least not like in the states.

Watching the World Cup has been pretty exciting here. I have not watched as much soccer in my life as I have the last few weeks. I wonder now that England is out how much of the hype will die down - at least I'll be seeing less of the St. George's flags flying. (More on the England flag and the Union Jack another day - I have so much to share.)


I do want to send out thanks and prayers to the men and women fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and all the other armed forces serving our country! I get to celebrate another 4th thanks to all of you!
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