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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Softball Fun 
30th-Mar-2004 06:28 am
Well, my daughter had her first softball practice yesterday and that means I coached my first softball practice.

She played last year in a coach pitch baseball league with the boys. She has great batting form - the throwing and catching last year were not so good. I was just an assistant coach last year.

This year her throwing seems much improved - the catching is better but I will let her new 'larger' glove get broken in a bit before I can tell if there is improvement.

A lot of the girls have names that begin with the letter J - it is always hard to remember names as it is but when you have 6 J names to keep track of.... plus I have a Kylie, Carly, and a Karena. Wee Fun!

I need to learn how to pitch using a windmill style so I can teach the team how too do so.

I am of the philosophy that everyone needs to learn how to pitch, play catcher, firstbase, second basee... and so on. Everyone should know a little about everything. The girls are mostly 9 but I have a couple who are 11 and 12. Way too early to tell a girl that they can't pitch because they are not as good as another. Actually, I don't think there is ever an age to tell anyone that about anything.

Ahhh... softball(insert baseball if you like) a microcosm of life.

You work on the basics and then learn how to function with others.

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22nd-Aug-2004 04:59 pm (UTC)
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