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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
She's Back 
13th-Sep-2003 08:47 am
She got in on-time - her trip over to Athens was one delay after another.

It was good to her next to me in bed - even though she was in a coma like sleep.

Abby was at a birthday party stayover last night so it was kind of nice quiet evening with mom, dad, and Jackson. I know he liked having all the attention.

Jackson is finally eating something other than hot dogs. That it is chicken nuggets from McDonald's probably isn't the greatest thing to celebrate over but his diet of a turkey frank for lunch and an all-beef frank for supper for pretty much the entire last year was making me ill.

He turns 3 late next month but his milk allergy is still with him - this of course limits his diet somewhat but there are some things he just won't even try - breads of all kinds, vegetables (except baby food), and fruits (except baby food). We keep trying...

Well, the Iowa vs Iowa State game is supposed to be on the local Fox Sports channel in a half an hour - why is it showing in NW Washington, who knows? But I get to watch it - Yeah and go HAWKS!

We are heading to Iowa next month for Cornell's homecoming - we actually fly into Cedar Rapids - it is cheaper than flying to Chicago, Minneapolis, or St. Louis (which is odd, because some of the flight choices had us flying thru these locales on our way to CR). Instead, we will layover in Denver for about an hour.

All right need to shave and shower before the game so I need to get going.

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