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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
All is right... 
22nd-Jan-2001 01:24 pm
That was a productive lunch, albeit a longer than we're supposed to take... I got to the church and sure enough Abigail's coat was there. I decided to take it to her since it was still a bit chilly - guessing upper 40s - low 50s. And by the time we pick her up tonight it will have cooled off again and her old coat just won't be warm enough. Since her school is only a mile and a half from the house I stopped there first to grab my parking garage card key and my sunglasses - it is sunny in Houston today! I am sure I confused and frustrated our dog since I did not go into the house - he was probably barking his little head off - oh well, he'll get over it.

Abigail was surprised to see me but I could see a little stress drain from her face too. She is such a cutie! Check out this pose (okay here goes the first html post for my journal - I apologize for the size I need to get to work on resizing photos for better viewing.)

She was posing like a "fashion girl" - something I have yet to find out where she gets these ideas from... This photo was taken when she was visiting her newborn brother in the neonatal ICU - Jackson had a little breathing problem when he was born but it turned out to be nothing - Thank you God and thank everyone who prayed for my family!

I'm back at work now and seem to be under control - we will see...

Bye for now.

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