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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
So far... 
11th-Sep-2003 09:08 am
So far... I have gotten two kiddos up and off to school both with a shower and breakfast. Jackson had an eye appointnment - his left eye is a little lazy when he is not wearing his glasses - we patch his strong eye for about 4 hours a day. He's such a cutie with his glasses on... I ran across a photo the other day before he was wearing his glasses and it was just odd.

Gretchen is having a great time in Athens... She says she is so not use to everyone smoking everywhere... things in the U.S.A. sure have changed over the last 20 years. I remember working for a large company back in 1986-87 when my supervisor smoked like a chimney and sat behind me in an open office cubical and I would smell like smoke everyday when I got home from work. That is almost unheard of these days.

She also confirmed the reports of the unbelievable number of stray dogs running around - early olympic coverage has mentioned it besides the security concerns.

She is back tomorrow and has about 18 hours of travelling time to get back here. She leaves Athens early Friday morning and lands in Sea-Tac early Friday afternoon - freaky. (10 hour time difference, btw)

It will just be nice to cuddle with someone in bed tomorrow night even if I know she will be lights out for the night and just plain out of it this weekend.

I miss her. I'm happy to say that after 15+ years of marriage.

Have a great one!
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