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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Quick Check In 
10th-Sep-2003 10:13 am
Hey all, I am alive... seems like I say that about every 2 months.

I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies - my first MORPG. I enjoy it but I know I need to interact with the other players more than some trading here and there. I joined a guild but it is rather lame - we have only 11 members and don't help each other like I expected - I'm going to take a more active role to see if I can salvage it or I'm looking for another group.

My wife is in Athens, Greece this week for a business conference - we've been holding down the fort rather well. My son hasn't asked where's mommy and that bothers me a little - she works long hours and travels a bit.

Abby started 3rd grade last week and loves her teacher (she always does). She takes to school so well, much like her mother and I both did. She also loves to play with her friends, both in the neighborhood and play dates with friends from school. We start up AWANAs next week and she'll throw herself into that too.

Jackson is starting the potty training and is taking to it much better than his sister did... I guess I was expecting the worse after what we went through with Abby (and I should reserve my comments until we are through the process...you never know...)

I feel like that I still need to get my life on track - I haven't even started looking for a job or rather start consulting/doing contract work. I know I feel a need to work but something always comes up around the house or with the kids - Yes, I am a stay at home dad without the responibility of even watching my own son (he goes to daycare - I am not trained (or even slightly bent towards) rasing a toddler.

My sister visited a couple of weeks ago and suggested that I look into substitute teaching - math, computer science, and/or business classes (I do have an MBA) are possibities. I guess I need to explore that...

Have a great day all!!
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