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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
I Am Alive 
22nd-Apr-2003 09:44 pm
Hey, I have such a great need to start posting again.
Check in posts at the least ---- like now!

Wife's on another business trip, becoming routine but still extra stress and we have other issues...

Abby is such a fragile child and I want so desperately want her to have confidence - baseball is good for her since it is a challenge to her athletic ability. I need to spend more time with her in practice.

Jackson is coming into his own and I am not ready. I just wish he would eat something else besides hotdogs and get off the baby food.

I need to make time for me.

I need to start working out regularly - this on again off again has to stop - - I am not progressing and somedays do not even want to look in a mirror - I was never like that, must be the big 4 0 coming in November...

The vasectomy may not have taken... I know it happens, see brother for details... We are still using protection but other issues are clouding - does not seem to be an issue with her but it is making me nuts daily and increasingly so....

Must force her to plan time off for this summer - her grandmother is not in the best of health and we really need to get over to visit, it would be just horrible if ... I do not even want to say it.

More soon... I really promise - need to work on getting web page updated and pictures posted.
23rd-Apr-2003 04:15 am (UTC)
Wow! Long time no see! Sounds like things are going well! Yea!!!!
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