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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
9th-Dec-2002 02:16 pm
Yes, after living in the state of Washington since June I have finally re-visited here to build a new license plate icon.

I was watching "Blue's Clue" with my 2 year old last week when Steve and Blue 'skadood' into silly world or something like that. There was a kangaroo hammering a nail using a banana - it didn't phase me since I've seen a banana used to hammer a nail. When I was in high school chemistry and the Richard Dreyfus look-a-like teacher, Mr. Halsey, dipped a banana into some liquid nitrogen and froze the banana solid and then proceeded to hammer a nail into a board with it. Odd thought during.. well, .. ahem, quality TV watching time with Jackson.

17 left and about 70 days before I can bring in a sample - I'll have to discuss a problem with providing a sample at a later post.

Added a website on my journal - it is pretty basic so far but I plan to make it a bigger project over the next few days, weeks, months...

I've been hunting down some more friends to read - I just start hunting around and find some people who write well and seem interesting - just like my current friends.

I got most of our christmas lights on the house/yard - I will need to provide a picture as soon as I take one.

Is it just my and my wife? - we think outlining houses with red lights makes the house seem posessed. I'll take a picture of our neighbor's house to show you what I mean...

More stuff later I guess.
9th-Dec-2002 06:09 pm (UTC)
yes, post that pic
of your christmas-lights.
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