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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
A tardy post 
3rd-Dec-2002 01:11 pm
Well, its been 2 weeks since I got my snip snip.

Things went fine. I had a bit of swelling but nothing out of the ordinary so I'm to understand.
18 left before we check to see if everything worked out the way it is supposed to...

I just want to say to all the men out there that when the time comes for a decision between your wife getting her tubes tied and you getting the snip snip treatment - there is no real choice - you get the snip snip.

It took about 20 minutes total and besides an ice bag and some Tylenol - and a little extra caution of that general area it was as easy and painless as flossing your teeth.

My biggest fear was that I would get an erection during the process. And I was put to the test, the nurse (propably 15-20 years older than me but by no means unattractive) had to rub that yellow disenfectant stuff all over the general area before the prodcedure. Obviously she had her technique down - she kept up a banter the whole time to keep me at ease.

The only odd thing was a nursing assistant kept popping in every 5 miuntes to see if there was anything the doctor or nurse needed. I just wanted to say 'Hey, I'm getting a vasectomy here! Can you please let the doctor concentrate a little?'

On to other topics - had a good thanksgiving. We crossed over Puget Sound to the Olympic Pennisula to visit my wife's cousin - we took a ferry that saved a couple of hours driving. He has this house on a remote piece of land (about 20 acres) over looking the Sound over into Canada. We went up into a National park on Friday for a little hiking - we didn't see any of the Salmon running but we did see some incredible views, including a waterfall.

I will try to post some the pictures - I cannot remember the last time I posted pictures on LJ. I'll get to work on it right away - okay right after I start hanging our Christmas lights on the house/yard. We have some Clark Griswall wanna-bes in the nieghborhood - I do not plan to match them.
3rd-Dec-2002 04:28 pm (UTC)
I wish my husband felt the same way about getting a vasectomy. I kind of resent him for being a chicken about it. He's supportive about me getting the surgery but he is afraid of getting a vasectomy...
5th-Dec-2002 02:06 pm (UTC)
Saw that you added me...wondering where you found me. Anyways most of my enteries are friends only or I turn them friends only after a couple of days. I write a lot of personal stuff, so don't take offense that I didnt add you. I will read your journal and if we click go ahead and add back.
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