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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
woo hoo - a paid account 
22nd-Jan-2001 09:36 am
Took the big step and actually paid to help support LiveJournal.Com.

I really hope that it will make me post more. My writing skills have atrophied from lack of consistent use.

I must thank Dawn Marie for putting her LiveJournal link on her moment for us - it has rekindled my need to keep a journal.

On with the morning so far...

I think the Buchmeyer's are losing so far today.

Abbey had an accident last night as 5 years old tend to do. The clean up is never fun since she is completely out of it and rarely understands what happened and is of no assistance. I had to track her down after I had changed the sheets - she went to the restroom and headed to the family room couch without coming back to her room. Great, another thing to clean. Well, she wasn't soaking wet but I did use Febreeze to spray the couch to keep any lingering scent away.

So, I told myself that I would get up at 4:00am to jog - yeah, that worked after my 25 minute sleep interruption. Snooze alarms are too darn convienient.

My wife did get up about 4:30am to start her workout and I continued hitting the snooze until about 5:00am to walk Kirby, our Bichon.

My sinuses were a little stuffy this morning but nothing too terrible. The walk helped clear them up some.

The morning seemed to go okay although we were behind schedule by about 20 minutes - Mondays...

So it is time to leave and we tell Abigail to grab her coat it's time to go... Crisis hits... she left it at her church group, AWANAS, last night. We carpool with friends so that neither of us have to make the trips back and forth twice on Sunday or make up errands to run while we wait. So, yesterday, our friends just happened to drive her to AWANAS and back but the mother of Abbey's friend drove them to church and the dad drove them back - not knowing what to check for... Of course, we do not blame them they are doing a huge favor for us. And it is hard to blame a 5 year old who, for the most part, is very responsible for a girl her age. Abigail felt terrible and broke down in tears. I think my wife laid it on a bit hard - added stress in the morning gets to all of us. We used an old coat which is definitely too small for her and had no gloves or mittens. It is a bit cold out this morning about 34 but should reach 60 this afternoon.

I called the church and described the coat and they are pretty sure they have it, so I will head over during lunch and pick it up.

So, after dropping Abigail off at Starting Point,her before-afterschool daycare, Gretchen, Jackson, and I hit the road to head downtown.

Gretchen and I decide that I will drop her off at work and then take Jackson over to his daycare by myself. Last week was the first week of daycare for Jackson and Gretchen's first week back at work. She helped me drop Jackson off every day last week. It saves me about10 minutes if I just do it, but to ease the separation pains she was having I had no problem letting her do it.

So now I am off to the medical center where I work and it hits me that I left my parking garage card key in the Accord back at the house - I give up. This has not been a good morning for the Buchmeyer's.

Anyhow, work has gone well so far today - I need to finish up a couple things before lunch and the trip to the church - depending how cold it is I will take the coat to Abigail at school and stop by the house to pick up my parking garage card key. Ugh, a long Monday is sure to follow.

But good news that I paid for the annual support of Live Journal - I will definitely begin posting more and start telling friends and family about it.

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