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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
Checking In 
8th-Aug-2002 09:55 am
Well, how's things?

I've been catching up on my friends list for a couple of weeks now. The spirit has not moved me to type anything until now.

I am sadden to hear the passing of LJers and their loved ones over the last few weeks. I have yet to meet any LJers face-to-face(that I know of) but this entire experiment of LJ brings one close to people in a manner that I have never experienced elsewhere. I have known people for almost ten years and not have an idea of who these beings are at the core of their thoughts.

My prayers to the families and friends of those who will be missd greatly.


Well, things have calmed down around here.

I have finally started looking for a job.

A big part of being able to so is that I now have my son in a daycare for most of the day. He needs better instruction and I am a firm beleiver of the social benefits that daycare provides. I still hate it since it just isn't family but the people are loving.

My daughter, for the most part, can keep herself entertained. I try to make sure we do something together everyday, like today we will go see Spy Kids 2.

Jackson required a lot of my time and limited me to what I could do, whether it was looking for a job, mowing the lawn, or other chorse around the house. I had about 2 hours a day while he took his nap in the afternoon.

Abigail also is able to run around in the neighborhood. There are plenty of kids her age, except when they are all at a camp of some sort.

We instruct her almost daily what to do if a stranger happens by. We are lucky to live on the cul-de-sac and a out of the way one at that. Living in a small town now is also a plus - not that it can't happen - just less likely.

My wife is still working long hours but is atleast coming home early enough to spend some time with the little ones and me. She leaves so early...

I am uncertain how things are going to work out if and when I find employment.

It is pretty clear that my commute will be longer than my wife's and that's alright but she will then have to start cutting back on the hours she is at the refinery in order for the kids to be taken care of properly.

We still have no idea of after school care for Abigail - school starts the day after Labor Day. Of course, if I have a job by then I will be a little surprised.

I know we can probably have her go to one of the neighbors, but we have not explored anything yet.

Good news is that our house back in Houston sold and closing is scheduled on the 15th.

We did not get as much as we hoped but enough... An apartment complex built near our neighborhood probably knocked the price of our house about $10,000. Thems the breaks...

Maybe I need to do some serious thinking at consulting/developing from home....

I can come up with a big list of expenses but no sources of revenue... does not sound to promising... dwelll, dwelll, dwell...


I realize I need to update my default picture to one with a Washington license plate - I think those were found on www.acme.com ...
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