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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
It's been a while... 
9th-Oct-2000 09:45 am
I realy hoped to keep this up - I realize that it takes time and commitment - I need to find both. Things are cold and wet for the 3rd day in a row but it has allowed us to keep working on the nursery for #2 - A boy, Jackson Thomas, if we keep with the name... I am stressing on the time commitment thing - we survived with my daughter Abigail, but we were 5 years younger and there were times I thought my wife had adbandoned us both to her work. I still need this next month to prepare myself for the energy I will need to raise Jackson as we did Abigail. She's a great little girl - just need to keep instilling her with confidence.

I pray for the wisdom and strength to make sure my son will respect all. I know growing up in a family of 5 kids, parents divorced made me who I am, And I thank God that I grew up respecting my mother and my sisters. That outlook on women is something I will daily challenge Jackson on - he will be a gentle soul.

I will return...
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