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A Life Visa
Buck's Tale
9th-May-2002 10:04 am
It has been a long time...

Well, the big news is that I am moving to the state of Washington.

My wife, Gretchen, has worked for Shell Oil the past 9 years in their Human Resources department. And while I am biased to a fault, she is a very talented and intelligent woman. This fact has been recognized by Shell and they have offered her an HR Manager position in Anacortes, Washington (located about 70 miles north of Seattle).

This is a great move for her professionally. It presents challenges and great opportunity.

We went on a house hunting trip about a week ago and found a place in Mount Vernon, Washington (about halfway between Seattle and Vancouver). The whole valley is located between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges. Awe-inspiring beauty abounds!

We will really miss our friends in the Houston area but the good news is that we will return - the only question is when. Shell rotates this position about every 3 years - 1) so that other people can get the training and experience and 2) the position is highly sought for the location.

After this assignment we could return to Houston or head to an international assignment or head to another Shell facility in the states. The odds are that we will be back in Houston but the international possibility looms large, too.

What about me? Well, working in the information management world will help in finding employment and combining it with my recent employment with healthcare concerns helps as well.

I am beginning on a job search but will probably use the summer to be with my 2 little ones.

My daughter is finishing up 1st grade and I can see where she will need some extra time with dad to get acclimated to her new surroundings, although the neighborhood we are moving to has some kids about her age and a little older. And my 18 month old boy enjoys spending time with dad as much as dad enjoys spending time with him.

I also hope to get back to writing on the journal.

I need to head to a transition meeting but promise I will write more and soon.
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