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4th-Jan-2008 07:29 pm - Presidential Quiz
Not all that surprised... but Dodd is out of the race now

87% Chris Dodd
85% Barack Obama
84% Bill Richardson
81% Hillary Clinton
81% John Edwards
79% Joe Biden
72% Mike Gravel
72% Dennis Kucinich
57% Rudy Giuliani
47% John McCain
39% Mitt Romney
32% Mike Huckabee
32% Ron Paul
28% Tom Tancredo
28% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
14th-Oct-2007 09:01 pm - Canada, Eh!
I need to provide more detail but suffice it to say my family and I are soon to be citizens of Calgary!

We have completely enjoyed our time in England but alas it is at an end. (for now)

My wife is already there and the kids and I will join her at the beginning of November.
16th-May-2007 07:42 pm - Day 2 Checkin' in
Played some Canasta with Gary, Julie, and Betty - other ex-pat spouses. Usually a Friday thing but we are heading out to Costco this Friday - a 1 hour trip there and another back... Okay the UK isn't Washington State...

We are shopping for different parties - Julie's daughter is having 1st communion and my daughter is having birthday party #12 - egads!

Invited 20 11-12-13 year old girls to sleep-over - I am insane to agree to it all. My guess we will have about 16 spend the night.

Gary and Julie are heading back to the states after school lets out in June - I will miss them greatly.

Gretch is in town tonight having dinner with her work friend from Hong Kong so the kids and I had dinner a bit earlier.

15th-May-2007 05:33 pm - Short and Simple
Let's get back in the groove here...

Pre 9/11 I posted quite a bit and dramatically fell off the LJ landscape - I have been keeping up with my friends list but no posting - well, very, very, very little posting.

Still in England! It's been grand!

I have traveled farther than I would ever have imagined growing up in rural Iowa. Besides various trips in Europe I joined my wife in South Africa last November - Awesome!

Still a House Husband! It's been grand! (hee hee)

Lately, I have been coaching on a volunteer basis my daughter's softball team for the school. They offered to pay but the tax situation is nuts for such a minor amount so I offered to do it for free.

We haven't won a game yet and with only 5 games left it looks bleak but the girls are still giving it a go and so I give them everything I got. At this stage it is about learning, participating, and having fun - but it sure is more fun to win once in a while...

The experience over the last 2 1/2 years has changed me. I actually have an understanding of cricket and root for a football club (soccer club)!

Going to try and post daily - short and simple. I have so much inside that needs to get out.

3rd-Nov-2006 11:42 am - Elections
Shouldn't do this because it is copywrited and exists in a for-paying section of the NY Times but since I will not partake in the elections since I am in the UK -

Thomas Friedman.
Talking World Affairs

George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld think youre stupid. Yes, they do.

They think they can take a mangled quip about President Bush and Iraq by John Kerry a man who is not even running for office but who, unlike Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, never ran away from combat service and get you to vote against all Democrats in this election.

Every time you hear Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney lash out against Mr. Kerry, I hope you will say to yourself, They must think Im stupid. Because they surely do.

They think that they can get you to overlook all of the Bush teams real and deadly insults to the U.S. military over the past six years by hyping and exaggerating Mr. Kerrys mangled gibe at the president.

What could possibly be more injurious and insulting to the U.S. military than to send it into combat in Iraq without enough men to launch an invasion of a foreign country not by the Powell Doctrine of overwhelming force, but by the Rumsfeld Doctrine of just enough troops to lose? What could be a bigger insult than that?

What could possibly be more injurious and insulting to our men and women in uniform than sending them off to war without the proper equipment, so that some soldiers in the field were left to buy their own body armor and to retrofit their own jeeps with scrap metal so that roadside bombs in Iraq would only maim them for life and not kill them? And what could be more injurious and insulting than Don Rumsfelds response to criticism that he sent our troops off in haste and unprepared: Hey, you go to war with the army youve got get over it.

What could possibly be more injurious and insulting to our men and women in uniform than to send them off to war in Iraq without any coherent postwar plan for political reconstruction there, so that the U.S. military has had to assume not only security responsibilities for all of Iraq but the political rebuilding as well? The Bush team has created a veritable library of military histories from Cobra II to Fiasco to State of Denial all of which contain the same damning conclusion offered by the very soldiers and officers who fought this war: This administration never had a plan for the morning after, and weve been making it up and paying the price ever since.

And what could possibly be more injurious and insulting to our men and women in Iraq than to send them off to war and then go out and finance the very people theyre fighting against with our gluttonous consumption of oil? Sure, George Bush told us were addicted to oil, but he has not done one single significant thing demanded higher mileage standards from Detroit, imposed a gasoline tax or even used the bully pulpit of the White House to drive conservation to end that addiction. So we continue to finance the U.S. military with our tax dollars, while we finance Iran, Syria, Wahhabi mosques and Al Qaeda madrassas with our energy purchases.

Everyone says that Karl Rove is a genius. Yeah, right. So are cigarette companies. They get you to buy cigarettes even though we know they cause cancer. That is the kind of genius Karl Rove is. He is not a man who has designed a strategy to reunite our country around an agenda of renewal for the 21st century to bring out the best in us. His genius is taking some irrelevant aside by John Kerry and twisting it to bring out the worst in us, so you will ignore the mess that the Bush team has visited on this country.

And Karl Rove has succeeded at that in the past because he was sure that he could sell just enough Bush cigarettes, even though people knew they caused cancer. Please, please, for our countrys health, prove him wrong this time.

Let Karl know that youre not stupid. Let him know that you know that the most patriotic thing to do in this election is to vote against an administration that has through sheer incompetence brought us to a point in Iraq that was not inevitable but is now unwinnable.

Let Karl know that you think this is a critical election, because you know as a citizen that if the Bush team can behave with the level of deadly incompetence it has exhibited in Iraq and then get away with it by holding on to the House and the Senate it means our country has become a banana republic. It means our democracy is in tatters because it is so gerrymandered, so polluted by money, and so divided by professional political hacks that we can no longer hold the ruling party to account.

It means were as stupid as Karl thinks we are.

I, for one, dont think were that stupid. Next Tuesday well see.

- Thank you Mr. Friedman - I hope everyone shares this with everyone -The US is a joke internationally and this administration needs to be held accountable NOW!
24th-Oct-2006 06:32 pm - Stateside
Just about to return to the UK.

I had my 20 yr college reunion last Saturday. Weak turnout but better that 5 yrs ago - 1 month after 9/11 - we had 3 people show up including me. This time round we were about 12 - I heard about a couple people but did not see them.

My wife did not join me on this trip but my 2 kids did. Trying times on occasion but overall a good experience. My wife had business in Hong Kong this week. We will return Wednesday AM and she returns from Hong Kong Thursday AM.

Had a geek moment and thought about blogging the Homecoming.

Picked up a new laptop and had a crazy idea to take pics and post almost live. Maybe next time - considering my lack of posting as of late who knows.

I am bursting with things to share and will be making a big effort to get back on this LJ ponie.
4th-Jul-2006 10:45 am - Happy 4th!
In Britain for my second year in a row on the 4th of July.

No day off for peeps and no fireworks tonight!

Plan to grill burgers and have corn on the cob and drink a pint or 2 (er... have a few beers).

Might have to head over to Hampton Court Palace where old King George III spent some time and do something American - start a war and make the brits back me up... naaaah,that old trick is getting lame. (Henry the VIII took Hampton Court Palace from the bishop Wolsey who could not get the pope to okay Henry's divorce and since then each king or queen added to or redecorated the palace - thus ends the history lesson for today.)

Have had 2 groups of visitors here over the past 3 weeks and I need a break. My dad and step-mother were here first and then my sister-in-law and her family - thank goodness not overlapping-one day in between. My 11 year old daughter went back to the states with her Aunt and Uncle to visit other family members and will return with my mom in 3 weeks. I have been enjoying the quiet the last 24 hours but I still have a big dull ache not having her here with her brother and me. When my wife travels to India in a couple of weeks it will really be odd.

Jackson and I will be off doing a bunch of things over the next few weeks - right now it is too hot to do too much - a high of 85 degrees F isn't really that bad but this country does not do air conditioning. A little rain over the next few days will cool us off but today could be yucky. We went to a movie yesterday afternoon but the theatre wasn't air-conditioned, at least not like in the states.

Watching the World Cup has been pretty exciting here. I have not watched as much soccer in my life as I have the last few weeks. I wonder now that England is out how much of the hype will die down - at least I'll be seeing less of the St. George's flags flying. (More on the England flag and the Union Jack another day - I have so much to share.)


I do want to send out thanks and prayers to the men and women fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and all the other armed forces serving our country! I get to celebrate another 4th thanks to all of you!
24th-Feb-2006 09:24 am - When does duck get added?
So about this business of the U.S. ports sale to the UAE company from a British company....

I love that 9/11 is getting shoved back in W's face and he is screaming isolationism - never crossed my mind Mr. Go It Mostly Alone in Iraq (War and rebuilding).

Is this the time when the duck gets added to this lame presidency?
1st-Jan-2006 12:46 am - Happy New Year!
I have a house full of people so I need to make this quick...

Happiest hopes for all of you and yours this year and always .... (is the use of yours okay Gnomeygirl?)

My resolution is to post more - so much is happening and so many thoughts are going unexpressed.

It is almost 1:00 am now in the UK - damn this year has gone by quick.

Love to you all!
6th-Oct-2005 10:53 pm - My LJ
I think I could use this My LJ.

I might even begin to post a bit more.

I need to spend some times tweaking the options but generally I like it!
You are a

Social Liberal
(68% permissive)

and an...

Economic Moderate
(41% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
6th-Sep-2005 08:02 pm - Sadness - Gilligan has died.
Apparently he had a quadruple bypass earlier this year and at age 70 has passed on.

A lot of childhood hours flittered away with him on my screen.
7th-Jul-2005 03:05 pm - Dateline London
Hey everyone,

We are all okay here in the UK. My wife indeed works in central London - at Shell Centre next to the London Eye across the river from Big Ben.

She travels into work by train - above ground - into Waterloo station. The station is connected to Shell Centre by a walkway bridge.

As of right now, she has at least heard from everyone she works with that did not make it in this morning. Most were stopped along the way when the incidents occurred and public transportation came to a complete stop.

Actually, the only question now is how to get my wife home. I will try to keep you informed of any and all news.
24th-Mar-2005 04:18 pm - Easter Plans
Off to London tomorrow - coming back on Sunday.....

We are actually staying in a hotel for a couple of nights - beats hitting the trains back and forth.

We are going to catch the stage production of Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre.

A lot of walking around in store - go to Harrods, go see the Wax Museum, travel on the London Eye, and try to catch the crown jewels in the Tower of London. And there is a big toy store I am sure the kiddos want to go see.

Happy Easter everyone!
23rd-Mar-2005 09:08 pm - Don't Give It Another Thought
Just thought you would like to know.....

They just call English Muffins ....er, um,... Muffins.

No Cheese Royal here - Quater Pounder with Cheese - need to go to the continent for the former.
21st-Mar-2005 08:46 am - Winnie
Yes - I live in the U.K. now.

When I take my son to school (pre-k) they have the teacher assistants read to all the pre-k children in a multi-purpose room - The Rainbow Room - before they go to their classes.

There is something special about hearing Winnie the Pooh being read aloud in an English accent - makes me warm and fuzzy.
20th-Oct-2004 10:18 am - Fish and Chips...mmmm...tasty
Well it is soon time to update my bio on LJ.

My wife was offered and accepted a new position within Shell Oil that sends us across the pond to Jolly Ol' England. London is our destination.

The facts are still a bit sketchy but they want her there to start at the first of the year. That means a lot happens from now until then...

I guess I need to start writing in this journal to keep everyone up on the going ons and I promise to do so.
30th-Mar-2004 06:28 am - Softball Fun
Well, my daughter had her first softball practice yesterday and that means I coached my first softball practice.

She played last year in a coach pitch baseball league with the boys. She has great batting form - the throwing and catching last year were not so good. I was just an assistant coach last year.

This year her throwing seems much improved - the catching is better but I will let her new 'larger' glove get broken in a bit before I can tell if there is improvement.

A lot of the girls have names that begin with the letter J - it is always hard to remember names as it is but when you have 6 J names to keep track of.... plus I have a Kylie, Carly, and a Karena. Wee Fun!

I need to learn how to pitch using a windmill style so I can teach the team how too do so.

I am of the philosophy that everyone needs to learn how to pitch, play catcher, firstbase, second basee... and so on. Everyone should know a little about everything. The girls are mostly 9 but I have a couple who are 11 and 12. Way too early to tell a girl that they can't pitch because they are not as good as another. Actually, I don't think there is ever an age to tell anyone that about anything.

Ahhh... softball(insert baseball if you like) a microcosm of life.

You work on the basics and then learn how to function with others.

8th-Mar-2004 08:07 am - QT
Cleaned friend's list a bit....

I do not think I removed anyone who has me as a friend - if I did it was a big mistake so let me know and I will add back.

Trying to simplify the life in LJ world and in Real Life.

I need to write.

Did the tax thing yesterday - major surprise getting big bucks back - need to adjust the ol' W-4s.

Looks like we are heading to Houston for my daughter's spring break in April. It will be good to visit - my wife has to travel that week for business anyhow so I thought we should go back with her. Her birthday is that week and it would have been the third in a row where she was traveling.

Hope to visit all the friends/family and maybe catch one of the season opening games at Minute Maid Park - Go Astros!

Prolly be back in Houston within the next 2 years. Shell already asked to see if my wife was available for an assignment - her plant manager didn't want to let her go after only 2 years here - the posting usually lasts 3-4 years.

Overseas is still a possibility but ultimately Houston is our final destination.

We are also looking at hitting Disneyland this summer. I want to go over the 4th of July - need to sell it to the misses.

We have a Cornell friend's wedding in mid October in Minneapolis. We usually gather with our Cornell friends every other year at a lodge in Minnesota but the schedules of the 4 families are not meshing this year....saddness - we have resolved to focus on next year already.

Well, I did not set out to discuss travel plans for the year but thank goodness that is what journaling is all about....well mostly :^)

My wife's grandmother is not doing well. She is in her 80s and has heart problems and has also decided no more surgeries to clear arteries. She will take medicines but other than that has said NO. I love the lady - she is a dynamic witness for the Lord and has inspired my wife (and many others) in many ways over the years.

Odds are we will be making a trip to Kentucky sometime this year.
19th-Dec-2003 08:29 am - Holiday Quickie
While I have not posted in a while I don't want to miss the rest of 12 Babes of Xmas by robont. And since he is maxed out his friends he is culling the list by those who haven't posted or are inactive so hence a quickie post.

I will post more soon. Really.....
12th-Nov-2003 12:25 pm - Arrgh - I Hate these things but.....

SimilarMinds Compatibility Results
circlek ||||||||| 94% ||||||||| 91%
poonariffic ||||||||| 92% ||||||||| 88%
magicwoman ||||||||| 87% |||||||| 77%
9jack9 |||||||| 77% ||||||| 74%
similarity complementarity  
How compatible are you and your friends?
2nd-Nov-2003 07:03 pm - Maps Are Good...
Thanks for the idea and link - we're practically neighbors now.

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)
13th-Sep-2003 08:47 am - She's Back
She got in on-time - her trip over to Athens was one delay after another.

It was good to her next to me in bed - even though she was in a coma like sleep.

Abby was at a birthday party stayover last night so it was kind of nice quiet evening with mom, dad, and Jackson. I know he liked having all the attention.

Jackson is finally eating something other than hot dogs. That it is chicken nuggets from McDonald's probably isn't the greatest thing to celebrate over but his diet of a turkey frank for lunch and an all-beef frank for supper for pretty much the entire last year was making me ill.

He turns 3 late next month but his milk allergy is still with him - this of course limits his diet somewhat but there are some things he just won't even try - breads of all kinds, vegetables (except baby food), and fruits (except baby food). We keep trying...

Well, the Iowa vs Iowa State game is supposed to be on the local Fox Sports channel in a half an hour - why is it showing in NW Washington, who knows? But I get to watch it - Yeah and go HAWKS!

We are heading to Iowa next month for Cornell's homecoming - we actually fly into Cedar Rapids - it is cheaper than flying to Chicago, Minneapolis, or St. Louis (which is odd, because some of the flight choices had us flying thru these locales on our way to CR). Instead, we will layover in Denver for about an hour.

All right need to shave and shower before the game so I need to get going.

11th-Sep-2003 09:08 am - So far...
So far... I have gotten two kiddos up and off to school both with a shower and breakfast. Jackson had an eye appointnment - his left eye is a little lazy when he is not wearing his glasses - we patch his strong eye for about 4 hours a day. He's such a cutie with his glasses on... I ran across a photo the other day before he was wearing his glasses and it was just odd.

Gretchen is having a great time in Athens... She says she is so not use to everyone smoking everywhere... things in the U.S.A. sure have changed over the last 20 years. I remember working for a large company back in 1986-87 when my supervisor smoked like a chimney and sat behind me in an open office cubical and I would smell like smoke everyday when I got home from work. That is almost unheard of these days.

She also confirmed the reports of the unbelievable number of stray dogs running around - early olympic coverage has mentioned it besides the security concerns.

She is back tomorrow and has about 18 hours of travelling time to get back here. She leaves Athens early Friday morning and lands in Sea-Tac early Friday afternoon - freaky. (10 hour time difference, btw)

It will just be nice to cuddle with someone in bed tomorrow night even if I know she will be lights out for the night and just plain out of it this weekend.

I miss her. I'm happy to say that after 15+ years of marriage.

Have a great one!
10th-Sep-2003 10:13 am - Quick Check In
Hey all, I am alive... seems like I say that about every 2 months.

I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies - my first MORPG. I enjoy it but I know I need to interact with the other players more than some trading here and there. I joined a guild but it is rather lame - we have only 11 members and don't help each other like I expected - I'm going to take a more active role to see if I can salvage it or I'm looking for another group.

My wife is in Athens, Greece this week for a business conference - we've been holding down the fort rather well. My son hasn't asked where's mommy and that bothers me a little - she works long hours and travels a bit.

Abby started 3rd grade last week and loves her teacher (she always does). She takes to school so well, much like her mother and I both did. She also loves to play with her friends, both in the neighborhood and play dates with friends from school. We start up AWANAs next week and she'll throw herself into that too.

Jackson is starting the potty training and is taking to it much better than his sister did... I guess I was expecting the worse after what we went through with Abby (and I should reserve my comments until we are through the process...you never know...)

I feel like that I still need to get my life on track - I haven't even started looking for a job or rather start consulting/doing contract work. I know I feel a need to work but something always comes up around the house or with the kids - Yes, I am a stay at home dad without the responibility of even watching my own son (he goes to daycare - I am not trained (or even slightly bent towards) rasing a toddler.

My sister visited a couple of weeks ago and suggested that I look into substitute teaching - math, computer science, and/or business classes (I do have an MBA) are possibities. I guess I need to explore that...

Have a great day all!!
28th-Jul-2003 08:59 am - Bob
Thanks for the memories...
23rd-Apr-2003 03:33 pm - Using the LJ Client
Trying out the latest LJ client. Tried it about a year ago on a couple of systems and could not get it to work - The fact that I am typing is an indication of being farther along than I have ever gone. Abby is going the school week without TV, Computer Game/Internet surfing, and playing on the Game system. Hasn't been too hard so far - mornings are easy enough although I am sure she would still like to get her morning fix of Rocket Power while she gets ready for school and eat breakfast. Monday night she had a baseball game and only had about an hour to kill before bedtime. Last night we had AWANAs and got ready for bed when we got back home. Tonight however no planned activities. Jackson will want to watch Veggie Tales or play Mickey Mouse Toddler on the computer. I will try to keep him occupied with the computer and read to him. Need to decide what we are going to do for supper....
22nd-Apr-2003 09:44 pm - I Am Alive
Hey, I have such a great need to start posting again.
Check in posts at the least ---- like now!

Wife's on another business trip, becoming routine but still extra stress and we have other issues...

Abby is such a fragile child and I want so desperately want her to have confidence - baseball is good for her since it is a challenge to her athletic ability. I need to spend more time with her in practice.

Jackson is coming into his own and I am not ready. I just wish he would eat something else besides hotdogs and get off the baby food.

I need to make time for me.

I need to start working out regularly - this on again off again has to stop - - I am not progressing and somedays do not even want to look in a mirror - I was never like that, must be the big 4 0 coming in November...

The vasectomy may not have taken... I know it happens, see brother for details... We are still using protection but other issues are clouding - does not seem to be an issue with her but it is making me nuts daily and increasingly so....

Must force her to plan time off for this summer - her grandmother is not in the best of health and we really need to get over to visit, it would be just horrible if ... I do not even want to say it.

More soon... I really promise - need to work on getting web page updated and pictures posted.
9th-Dec-2002 02:16 pm - Stuff
Yes, after living in the state of Washington since June I have finally re-visited here to build a new license plate icon.

I was watching "Blue's Clue" with my 2 year old last week when Steve and Blue 'skadood' into silly world or something like that. There was a kangaroo hammering a nail using a banana - it didn't phase me since I've seen a banana used to hammer a nail. When I was in high school chemistry and the Richard Dreyfus look-a-like teacher, Mr. Halsey, dipped a banana into some liquid nitrogen and froze the banana solid and then proceeded to hammer a nail into a board with it. Odd thought during.. well, .. ahem, quality TV watching time with Jackson.

17 left and about 70 days before I can bring in a sample - I'll have to discuss a problem with providing a sample at a later post.

Added a website on my journal - it is pretty basic so far but I plan to make it a bigger project over the next few days, weeks, months...

I've been hunting down some more friends to read - I just start hunting around and find some people who write well and seem interesting - just like my current friends.

I got most of our christmas lights on the house/yard - I will need to provide a picture as soon as I take one.

Is it just my and my wife? - we think outlining houses with red lights makes the house seem posessed. I'll take a picture of our neighbor's house to show you what I mean...

More stuff later I guess.
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